Sleeve Bearings

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Sleeve bearings can be made from bronze, steel or stainless steel. Brass bearings and plastic sleeve bearings are also manufactured for certain applications. A common type of sleeve bearing that works well in applications requiring constant lubrication is bronze sleeve bearings, which sometimes contain lubricant plugs (PTFE or graphite) to help with lubrication issues. Another sleeve material used for light to medium applications, called oil impregnated bronze sleeve bearings, contains pores that absorb oil, which is released under applied force and then reabsorbed back into the bearing once the force subsides.

Two common designs of sleeve bearings are flanged and cylindrical bearings. Flanged sleeve bearings consist of a protruding flange at one end of the sleeve that provides a bearing surface for an axial load, while a cylindrical bearing has straight outside and inside diameters and is flush inside the housing.

Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
NSK 608ddu Bearing 37.600 kN 1317   1.460 kN 4 000 min-1
ISOSTATIC AA-401-25 Sleeve Bearings h8 8 mm 20 N/mm² 10 N/mm²
ISOSTATIC AA-407-4 Sleeve Bearings 39.00 mm 170.0000 mm 2.00 mm 13000 rpm
ISOSTATIC AA-401-2 Sleeve Bearings 1130 mm 90 mm 13.5 mm 5 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-407-2 Sleeve Bearings 4 mm 1.9 kg 12 mm 180 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-401-20 Sleeve Bearings 55900 N 1.00 mm 51000 N 6000 rpm
ISOSTATIC AA-401-17 Sleeve Bearings 135.4 mm 5.4 mm 9.6 2 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-407-10 Sleeve Bearings 115.888 mm 120.65 mm 257.175 mm 46.831 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-407-1 Sleeve Bearings 110 mm 0 min-1 91.520 kN 69 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-407-7 Sleeve Bearings 159 kN 101 mm 64 mm 69.7 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-403-2 Sleeve Bearings 410 mm 400 mm 340 mm 210 mm
ISOSTATIC AA-403 Sleeve Bearings 200 mm 2.3 35 mm 4 mm